This is where we answer the most common questions prospective customers might have.

Do you guarantee your dogs?

We guarantee our dogs for up to 2 years for hips and elbows. Although there are no refunds, we do offer a replacement dog. Not the dog-for-dog like many kennels as we realize you've bonded with your pup, but replacement with proof of diagnosis from a licensed vet.

What kind of testing do you perform on your dogs?

We strive to comply with good health guidelines. That being said, our dogs have health clearances for hips and elbows (OFA), eyes (CERF, Optigen, AVCO), heart clearance, NARC clearance, and EIC (exercise induced collapse) clearance.

Do you have the parents on site for us to see?

Of course! We encourage you to come meet the parents, and then come back once the pups arrive so you can bond and socialize with them as they grow.